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When I ordered over 15 varieties of tropical fruit seeds from AliExpress, I was very sceptical. The prices were so low that they were to good to be true. I checked with my friends on Facebook and had favorable response and so I went ahead with the ordering fully knowing that I might get scammed.

So, you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I received all the seed packets. The 15 packets came separately via regular post.

AliExpress had passed the first test of confidence. However, none of the packets had the name of the seeds. So now, I’m quite confused which one is which.

I read online that the seeds don’t match that if the fruits promised. I can only asertain after the seeds have sprouted which could be a few weeks away. This will be the second and the most important test of confidence for AliExpress. If they pass through this, they would have won an ardent customer in me.