In General

The invitation card to a big wedding of a prominent business family proudly mentioned that the famed carnatic singer, Sudha Ragunathan, would be performing at the wedding.

When I landed at the venue, I was not surprised at the massive hall or the huge turnout of people. That was to be expey. What I was surprised though was that most of the audience did not care to listen to this multiple national award winning artist.

It’s understandable because people come to marriages to wish the couple and catch up with long lost relatives. Not for a carnatic music concert.

That said, I was impressed with the intensity with which Sudha Ragunathan and her troupe performed. She didn’t care if anyone was actually listening to her rendition. She was absorbed in her own world and giving it her best. She was performing for herself. That’swhen external factors don’t dictate your performance. That’s a sign of a true professional.