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I’ve reached a mini-milestone. Today is the 50th day I have woken up early. A habit I have been wanting to inculcate for a long time.

I now keep my alarm at 3:45 AM and wake up within the first few rings. I’m done with my morning rituals and am in front of my computer for a 4 AM start.

This habit started thanks to the ‘Keynote to Book’ challenge that was started for members of the Professional Speakers Association of India. The goal was to piggyback on NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) to turn our keynote topic into a book.

We started meeting up virtually on Zoom. We turn on our webcams. The mics are muted. Not a single word is spoken. Everyone focuses on writing their manuscript.

Writing is usually a solitary exercise. It can be lonesome. But with the Zoom sessions, We can all see each other live. This increased our accountability. More importantly, we have friends for company and this gave a positive environment to write.

I’m loving my early morning writing sessions. With the family still asleep, I have no distractions. This helps me focus. I’m able to get a couple of hours of continuous-time that helps me clock in the words.

If you would like to join in the morning sessions, please let me know at