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Doginder Singh

I read about the sad news of passing away of Doginder Singh, the dear pet of my friend Jaspreet Bindra, Cofounder of UnQbe and ex-Chief Digital Officer of Mahindra Group.  As a lover of dogs, any news of a pet’s death is sad but this news tugged at my heart.  I have not met Doginder Singh in real life but often keep seeing his photos on Jaspreet’s FB updates.

What is the best way to celebrate the love and affection of a pet? By paying it forward.  That’s exactly what Jaspreet has done. He has set up a website in memory of his pet and decided to donate money to three non-profit animal shelters in Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi. He has turned this into a crowdsourcing activity encouraging other animal lovers to support abandoned dogs.

Tomorrow, I’ve been invited to deliver a virtual keynote address at the Social Media for Social Good Summit in Nigeria. I’ll celebrate Doginder’s life by taking him as an example of how one’s life can continue to make an impact using social media even after reaching doggy heaven.