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30 Days Blogging Challenge

Participating in challenges is always a fun of gamifying a task that you always wanted to do. So, when the opportunity came by to participate in the 30 Days Blogging Challenge, I jumped in head first. Its a good way to push myself back into the habit of daily writing.

I have been one of the earliest bloggers having started blogging way back since 2002. (Yup, I’m old) While I used to be a regular blogger, I must confess that I have been extremely irregular in updating my blog and that’s not a nice thing.  So, this challenge is a welcome blessing and I expect to get back the mojo.

To successfully finish this challenge, I needed more reasons to stay committed. Its always easy to start such initiatives and make grand announcements on Facebook. Once the initial high settles down, the true test lies in being consistent and lasting through the entire period. I have realized that to make good of such promises, we need more reasons.   I have three.

  1. Leading by Example: This challenge was announced as part of the learning initiatives of The Professional Speakers Association of India (PSAI). I’m the President of the association and it would do me real good in the eyes of the members for me to successfully complete this challenge. My reputation is at stake. That’s always a nice push.
  2. Authoring my Book:  I’m currently authoring my 7th book, titled ‘Digital Selling‘. I intend to blog about the research on digital selling I do for the book. In a way, I will be blogging different elements of the chapters. This activity will help me speed up the progress of my book. I’m gunning to finish the book at the end of 30 days.
  3. Getting into the Habit of Daily Writing:  2020 is My Year of Discomfort where I challenge myself to do different activities that pushes me outside of my comfort zone. One such challenge is to journal everyday. The blog writing will me develop that memory muscle of writing everyday and this will help me tick off one item from my Discomfort Challenge.

The three reasons is an inspiration I got almost a decade ago from Rajesh Setty, successful entrepreneur, investor, author and speaker. Read his post on ‘The Legs’ and why you need more than one reason for you to successfully accomplish a goal.

Wish me luck.