In General

As part of the continuous learning initiative of the Professional Speakers Association of India, we had invited Rajesh Setty to share his tips on blogging.

Rajesh is a prolific writer and has blogged over 2000 posts. He has authored a book titled, ‘Blogtastic’.

Here are the key takeaways I have gleaned from the Zoom Chat box where participants have typed the key points from the talk. Here they are:

Raise the stakes and in the end, everything will become easy!

How will my prospects Get things done faster, better, cheaper!

When you write, you should not edit.

Reduce your timeline drastically to avoid Parkinson’s law happening to you

Shorter deadlines are very effective. Helps you focus.

This is easier done than said!

Execution is easier than talking.

If your blog is so good, they will miss you in the past.

Practical generosity!

Thank people who have helped you in your life: big or small.

Blogs leading to a book

Whatever we do is a means to a bigger end!

Be in your Bubble! Avoid News!

Change the frame of reference.

Keep your work unfinished before you sleep… complete it the next morning. you will do it faster

Chronic Cynics are your insurance policies!

For whom can I shine the light on?

2 Kinds of relationship: Long term or Very long term!

What can I do for them? How can I be of value to them?

To force action: Make a promise to someone you deeply respect. You won’t let them down! So, you wont break the promise too!

Learning: Prepare for bigger challenges so that the next challenge looks simple to you.
“Mini Saga” – 52 story cards

Give very little time to think or else mind wanders – Give a shorter time to yourself