In Self-Improvement

I adore people like David Attenborough, Clink Eastwood and Nammazhwar. They do what they love and never have to worry about retirement. This is a philosophy that I really like. And it’s a mindset am consciously developing.

Today, I came across a story of a man who worked for 70 years without taking a single sick leave. It’s a fascinating read.

Brian Chorley

Taking workaholism to a next level, an 83-year-old English man slogged for the same company for nearly 70 years and that too without taking a single day off sick. Coming from a poor background, Brian Chorley began working at the original Clarks shoe factory in #England in 1953. He was just 15 years old when he joined.

Chorley said his father was the one who encouraged him to work as they were poor. He worked in the #Clarks until the 1980s. The premises then were converted into a shopping centre and he got into its customer services. Brian, now 83, says David #Attenborough is his idol and says he does not intend to retire yet. He was quoted by Mirror as saying,

“I lost my wife eight years ago so at home I don’t see anyone. I want to be out, I want to see people and I just love working. I don’t want to sit down in an armchair all day – it’s boring. I always look forward to work…I go out of my way to help people. I’ve been told so many times what a wonderful service they’ve had and they feel so happy, and that’s all I want.”

Now, that’s a great guy with a great attitude.