There are many advantages by being part of this select group of writers. Here are the reasons why this Book Authoring Workshop will be helpful in achieving your book dream.

Supportive Group: Writing is usually a solitary art. It can be lonesome at times. Its good to be part of a group who share the same passion as you do. Just like how it’s easier to practice for a marathon by joining a runners group, this Book Authoring Workshop will form a support group to help each one succeed.

Goal with a Deadline: By 7th March, 2017, you should be holding your book in your hands. That’s the goal and the deadline. Its amazing how when you have a fixed deadline, plans fall in place and things begin to move fast. Everyone who participates in this event, works towards that single deadline.

No distractions: This event is a retreat and takes place in a remote village far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This means that you take a break from your regular schedule to purely focus on your book.

Beautiful Venue: A quaint little home in the middle of a 13 acre lush green farm in a remote village will be the venue for our retreat. The place is a 130 kms  from Chennai.

Get your doubts cleared. There are many issues that may stop you from getting your book out. How do I write consistently? How do I find a publisher? How do I market my book? There’s could be dozens more questions. This retreat will have answers and help across your doubts.

Writing Time: You will find quiet time to write. There are designated writing times during the retreat where everybody focuses on their work. This helps you focus and get quality writing done.

Learn from Experts: We have painstakingly collated the best practices from leading authors worldwide and imbibe them into our project. All this is part of ‘First Book’ authored by Kiruba. The event is guided by Kiruba Shankar, who has authored five books and is currently working on his sixth.

Fun Factor: The workshop is a great place to bond and sharpen your creativity. The event will be peppered with group exercises, team games, role-plays and fireside chats.

Push Your Boundaries: This workshop will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and help you accomplish tasks that you thought were tough or impossible. With a group of highly driven people, you will surprise yourself by how much you will accomplish.

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