This collection of comics goes towards a children’s library that I’m helping set up. With the advent of TV and Web, its important to instill in the habit of reading in children. Comics are a wonderful way to initiate the kids to the joys of reading.

That’s how this dream started and now I’ve decided to gun for Limca Book of Records.

Here is how you can help contribute to this project.

Donate Old Comics
If you have any old comics lying in your attic, donating to this project would be a good way to make sure that children benefit from it. This is probably the best way to contribute.

You can send them to the following address.

Kiruba Shankar
O-2, Raj Paris Apts,
82, Kamaraj Street,
Chennai – 600092

Alternatively, just give me a call at +91.9841597744 or email and we’ll figure out a way to get the comics across. Every contributor to the project will be credited in this website.

Identify Old Book Stores
A great source of comics is from old book stores and paper-marts. If you find such a store in your neighborhood that has any comics, please let us know. If its in Chennai, I will personally go there to buy the books. If its in other cities in India and abroad, I would appreciate if you can help source the books. I will be willing to pay for the books.

Donate Cash to Buy old comics
Ideally, we prefer in-kind donation of comic books. That said, we are open to every way to help achieve this goal. Cash donations are gratefully accepted and I’m willing to match any donation given to invest in the comics. The children will thank you for your help.
My Paypal id is Feel free to either email me or call me at +91.9841597744

Next: We have preempted questions you may have about this project. Read the answers here.

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