The Record

If I’d like to do, I’d rather do it big. I’m aiming to get into the Limca Book of Records for being the Indian with the biggest comics collection.

This goal may take many years, heck, even decades. But I’m determined to put in consistent work. I want to enjoy the journey of getting there.

This record was not my original intention. I started the pursuit of comic collection primarily because I loved them. Then, I wanted to do it for my kids as I wanted them to enjoy them early as I did when I was a kid. Then I found that the other kids in my apartment aren’t reading much. That’s not a good thing. I want to set up a small library. Comics are a great way to attract the kids and get them started on the habit of reading.

Since I was doing all these, I was contemplating taking on a bigger challenge. I have nothing to lose aiming big. And so, I set out to gun for the record.

There are others with over 8000 comics. I’m just off the starting block. No rush. I want to enjoy this version of the marathon! 🙂

I look forward to your guidance, suggestions and help. Do join me in this pursuit.

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