Have tried answering a few question you might come up with.

1Why are you doing this? Are you not kind of old?!
Nah! Comics defy age. I still enjoy them as much as I did when I was a school kid.
2What gave you the inspiration to start this project?
The children in my apartment. I realize that they don’t read much. Its either cramming school subjects or watching TV. Its important to inculcate the habit of reading and comics are a good way to start.
3Why attempt the Limca Book of Records?
I wanted a bigger challenge. It has always motivated to perform better. My mentor always told me to have atleast three reasons while taking on a mission. The Limca Book of Records is one such reason. Just a day before I launched this project, Steve Jobs died. To me, taking on a bigger goal and achieving it will be a small tribute I can pay to this man.
4I know this old-books store that has a collection of comics.
Awesome! Would love to hear more about it. We are trying to source comics from around the world. If you can help source them and send it across, would be much obliged. We have a modest budget allocated to purchase books.
5Are you only looking for printed books or PDF versions too?
Oh, any version would do.
6How many years do you think it will take you to finish your entire collection?
I’m guessing about 3 years. Its much easier to get the Tintins and Asterixs. Its those old editions of World War comics, MAD and Tarzan that will be a challenge.
7Hey, I’d like to join you as part of the project? Can I?
Oh sure. Jump right in. This is a community project and would love to work as a team. Please get in touch.
8Hey, you are missing many super heroes! Why are X-Men, Wolverines, Captain America not on your list?
I know. I like them but am giving preference to the ones that I grew up with. They have a strong emotional connect and I want to start off with the ones I relate the most.
9How do you intend to get the very old, earliest versions of the comics? You know they cost a fortune, right?
We try and source comics on the cheap. Preferably something that is as close to free. I’m not a die-hard collector…you know like those rich dudes. Doing this more for passion and for a good cause.
10I’m a comic lover. Can I borrow some of your stuff?
Nope but you are more than welcome to come join in and read it in our modest library in Chennai.
11I’m a serious comics collector. I’m interested in buying certain books of yours.
Right now, I’m just starting off. It will take time to build an enviable collection. Instead of selling, am more open to bartering duplicate copies. This way, both of us benefit in our quest to build a full collection.
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