The Goal

The goal is to collect every single issue ever printed of my favorite comics : Dilbert, Tarzan, MAD, Superman, World War, Amar Chitra Katha, Phantom, Archie, Calvin & Hobbes, Tintin, Asterix & Obelix and Tinkle.

There are many more comics that I like but am starting off with my most favorite ones. Once this initial list is complete, I will expand to other ones like Spiderman, Batman & Robin, Richie Rich etc.

By doing so, I’d like to compete for the Limca Book of Records for the Indian with the biggest comic collection.

It’s not an easy goal and that’s why I’m interested in this challenge. I would greatly appreciate any help from your side. Here are ways how you can help contribute.

Comics have fascinated me since my childhood. In a way, they have defined me as the person that I’m today. Even though I’m growing old, I have never out-grown them. Even now, if you come to my modest office, you will find pictures of comic heros all over. The idea is to enjoy work the same way how we enjoy reading comics.

This collection goes towards a small children’s library that I’m helping set up.

Next: Learn about the attempt to get into Limca Book of Records

(The comic mashup above is done in good faith. I love Dilbert and breaking copyright is not my intention.  I’ve used it under fair use. Thanks for understanding)

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