Digital Selling

How to Use Digital & Social Media to Generate Sales Leads to Grow Your Business


Sales and Profits. The two important success parameters that CEOs and Entrepreneurs gun for. That’s exactly the focus of this book. It has a compendium of strategies and techniques to improve selling through digital and social media.

The Book

The Digital Selling Book does not just focus on strategies and techniques that focuses on generating leads and sales closures. It goes beyond. It helps create a mindset and a culture of selling through thoughleadership. This needs to be inculcated across the company and not just for sales professionals.  All the strategies help move the needle towards making your customers buy your products or services by being genuinely helpful. Its about precision targeting the prospects and reaching out to them when their buying intent is high. Its about being found when they are looking for your solutions. This book has tons of digital initiatives that will have a positive impact on the bottom line of your business.


The Author

This book is a distillation of Kiruba’s 24 years of experience as a digital consultant. Having worked with large clients such as British Council, Dominos Pizza, Mahindra & Mahindra, Sterling Holidays, Larsen & Toubro and The Hindu Newspaper Group, he realized the importance of digital’s role in sales. As a global professional speaker specializing in Digital Excellence and Digital Selling, he has delivered over 700 talks at conferences and corporate events across 21 countries. Kiruba has been teaching for 18 years and is a Professor of Digital Marketing at leading B-Schools.



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    Want to improve digital selling for your business? Tap into Kiruba’s 24 years of digital experience.


    Kiruba is a professional speaker specializing in Digital Selling. Invite Kiruba to speak at your conference.


    Kiruba conducts highly interactive, practical, hands-on workshops for corporate firms that are results-driven.

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