Kiruba Shankar conducts customized workshops that are specially prepared for specific audiences. Here are the list of Digtial Selling Workshops.

  • Workshop for Company Sales Team
  • Workshop for Marketing Team
  • Workshop for CEOs, Business Heads & Boards
  • Workshop for Startups
  • Workshop for New Product Launches

Engage with Kiruba Shankar onsite at your company headquarters or at an offsite location for a highly collaborative, high-energy hands-on workshop. Kiruba uses his 24 years of digital consulting experience and 18 years of experience as a Professor of Digital Marketing to help your team master the art of digital selling. The entire workshop will be customized to your industry and domain vertical. There will be pre-workshop calls and discussion and the entire workshop will be co-created along with you.

Are you a global company with distributed sales teams in different offices across the world? No problem. Kiruba will do a live training session on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. He has mastered the art of keeping the teams engaged remotely. Kiruba Shankar will closely work with you to develop a customized training plan that will engage your sales team with practical, hands-on workshop and get them energized to start selling better and more effectively through digital selling.

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