Here is a rough , unedited version of the Chapters outline.

Digital Selling

Social Selling –

Difference between Digital Selling and Social Selling

Why both are important?

The “omni-channel” approach to modern selling

What NOT to do in Digtial Selling. Pitfalls to avoid.

How to implement good digital and social selling in your organization.
Setting clear expectations. What to expect. What NOT to expect.

Building Credibility and Trust.

  • How to build your personal brand
    • Transform your profiles to attract right customers/clients
    • How to establish yourself as a credible, trustworthy and knowledgable person.
    • Enhancing your social credibility
    • Author a book
    • Enhance your likeability factor.
  • Create personas
  • Inculcating the culture of social selling in your organization. (how CEO, Sales, Marketing, Product, HR has a role to play and not just any one team.)
  • How to convince your boss about the importance of Social Selling
  • Building a Lead Generation Routine


MARKETING AUTOMATION: Touch upon tools like HubSpot, Zoho etc.  OR should I call it as



– Prospecting Tools

– Marketing Automation

– Pipeline Automation Tool

– Prospect Activity Tracking

– Order Management

CREATING SOCIAL CONTENT: Strategy for creating high quantity (high volume) content. Cover frequency of content.

  • Blogging
  • Quora : Answer relevant questions on Quora that is genuinely helpful. Create an absolute authority in one domain.
  • Strategies for creating high quality content. Cover timing of the content. Edge algorithm.

Setting up a content calendar.

Creating a multi channel campaign.

Why content creation and content curation is important.

The rise of visual content.


  • Importance of content amplication and creating followers.

STORYTELLING: Using stories to enable better sales

  • VIDEO:
    Video Strategy

LIVE Video strategy. FB Live.

Webinars to collect leads.


How this has a direct impact on sales.

What others say about you is more important than what you say about yourself.

Importance of capturing customer testimonials. Encouraging them to talk about you.

                ONLINE REVIEWS: The massive importance of online reviews. How to deal with                 negative comments. How to encourage people to leave more comments.


COMMUNITIES: How to build, nurture communities and seen as a thoughtleader.  How to build a targeted niche audience that dirves the right engagement.

  • Crowdsourcing user generated content

SEO : Using Search Engine Optimization and other techniques to get inbound traffic.

SOCIAL LISTENING:  Best tools. Best practices. What to do with the information once you have found them.  Identifying trigger events.

  • Developing search strings to create list of prospects and influencers.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Measuring your social influence.
  • Freemium model. Letting people to experience your product or service.


Paid Strategy using Paid advertisements like Google Ads, Linkedin Ads.


Google Adwords: Using Paid Advertising to Microtarget your prospective clients.

Landing Pages to capture the right leads.

Paid vs Organic. How to get the right mix of both.

Re-targeting. How to do it. Best practices. Examples.

Micro-targeting your niche clients. Techniques to do that.

Account based marketing

Geo-specific targeting

Domain and vertical areas specific targeting


  • Watch, Learn and Implement best practices from other domains.


  • How much will the entire social selling initiative cost?
  • Integrating offline and online selling
  • How to sell online without being intrusive. The Valuable part of not being aggressive but being helpful.
  • Importance of having a mobile first strategy in social selling

INFLUENCER SELLING: Influencer Marketing and Using the power of Trust.

EMAIL MARKETING: Email Marketing to generate leads.

  • – Sales email templates
  • Leveraging notifications to keep your brand on top of mind recall.
  • Employee advocacy and its relevance in social selling
  • Hiring Digital Sales Specialists


Engage with Personalized Outreach

Reaching out directly

Growing your network

Ask for an introduction

SOCIAL  NETWORKS: The best practices to enable social selling in each network

  • Linkedin
    • Should you go for free, premium or sales navigator?
    • How to Improve Linkedin’s Social Selling Index
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Quora

Digital Selling Tools

  • Make a master list of all tools. I’ll figure out how to lay them out. For now, its best to have all the tools listed here.

Importance of a Digital Sales Hub.

How to Convince your Boss about the importance of Social Selling. How to educate the C-Suite. How to calm their fears and apprehensions.

How to effectively scale a social selling habit within an organization?

Measuring the success of Social Selling : This has 42 excellent questions that will help

Social Selling Playbook: Create an action plan that the user can actually fill. (great idea). I guess Playbook also means templates. There are digital sales templates that I can make use of.





White Papers


REFERENCES:List out all the resources, websites, videos that I took content and inspiration from.

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