Spend More Time with Family



In 2020, I want to make small changes that result in more family time together.  While me, my wife and our two daughters are very close to each other, we don’t have as much together time.

The first change I would like to make is to encourage all of us to have meals together.  Right now, we don’t.  That’s because we eat at different time. Since I go to bed early, I eat at 7 PM.  My kids eat later. They enjoy watching YouTube or Amazon Prime while having their dinner.  I slowly want to separate the screen time with food. Then, I want to encourage all of us eating together. At least one meal a day. This will require each of us changing our pattern a little.

We want to take more road trips and vacations. These are brilliant opportunities for all of us to bond.

We want to do joint projects together.  For example, the farm cabin project.  Our initiative to rear animals at the farm. To volunteer together at an orphanage etc.


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