Eat More Veg. Less Meat.

Ever since I started to rear animals at our farm, my perception towards animals has begun to change. We raised chickens, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowls, cows & sheep at the farm and witnessed with my own eyes their humanity. That’s right. They are just like us. They have emotions. Their love for their young ones….their peaceful coexistence with other species…the bonding they develop with us. I could never get myself to kill them. Not just me but my family feels the same way too. We see them as our friends.

Truth be told, I enjoy eating fruits and vegetables better. I prefer them more than meat. My 2020 goal is to be 90% vegetarian.  I’m giving myself the leverage of 10% to be flexible. I never like the feeling of being deprived. It only increases my longing for it. So, if I have a craving for a cheeseburger, I’ll get my fix without feeling guilty of breaking a promise.

My wife and my daughters thoroughly enjoy their non-vegetarian food. So, when my wife lovingly cooks the dishes, I want to honour her by tasting a little. In return, she helps cooks vegetarian options for me. That’s a good deal, right?!

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