Journal Everyday

This is the habit I most want to inculcate. Not just for 2020, but for life.

I have dabbled in writing my daily journal. However, I have been quite inconsistent. I would do it regularly for a couple of weeks and for some unfathomable reason, I would stop.  The crazy thing though is that I enjoy the process of journaling. What I enjoy even more is reading the notes from previous years. Why would I not continue a habit that I enjoy is beyond me. In 2020, my goal is to journal for all 365 days.

I had experimented using special journaling apps. I had experimented with writing on Evernote. I realized that this requires one extra step for me to do.  So now, I just make it simple. I now write on Gmail and use the subject line as ‘DailyDiary’  When I search for it, it lists down all my diary notes.

I used to maintain a separate diary called ‘Farm Diary’ to capture the activities on the farm. Now, I’ve married this with my DailyDiary.

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