For years, I have been trying to adopt an abandoned or orphaned baby donkey but in vain. That’s why I’m seeking your help in finding one.

Donkeys are looked down upon in our Indian society. ‘Donkey’ is a derogatory term. They have been treated as beasts of labour. And worse, they have nearly disappeared off our villages. I’ve taken it upon myself to care for them.

I don’t have any commercial interest. I have no interest in making money off the donkey. My only intention is to take care of one or two donkeys and give them a caring, forever home.

I own a beautiful 13-acre organic farm in Tamilnadu with lots of grazing land for the donkey to live a happy life.

Here is where I seek your help. If you come across an abandoned or orphaned baby donkey, please give me a call at 9841597744 or email me at .

Just to be clear, I’m not looking at buying a donkey. Only adopting them. If its a baby donkey and the price is reasonable, I’m willing to pay. Once again, I’m doing this out of love for the animal and not for any commercial purpose.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Baby Donkey