WHAT AM I DOING NOW?  (inspired by Derek SiversNOW project)

February 2023

BUILD NEST: This is the 3rd farm stay at Vaksana Farms. We started the build in January 2023 and aim to finish it by the end of March 2023 in time for the summer vacation.


CHICKEN COOP: What is a farm without chickens? So far, we could not grow chickens because of our farm dogs. I am focused on building a chicken coop where the chickens can be safe.


MASTER NOTION: I’ve heard raving reviews about this app from friends passionate about productivity. I need to sign up and learn the ropes of this tool.


BUY A NEW CAR/SUV: My old car (a trusted old Hyundai Accent) has served us well for 13 years. It is now time to bring in a new vehicle. Right now in the research phase to pick up a good vehicle under Rs.20 lakhs budget.


SPEAKERS BOOTCAMP: Co-organize a Bootcamp for Professional Speakers in the Maldives.