16 Nov 2006

Rajjaj Barjatya on VIVAH, India’s first movie to premiere on the Internet

In an unprecedented move, RajShri Media, one of India’s biggest movie houses, premiered its latest movie on the Internet, on the very same day of its worldwide theatrical release. Rajshri Media has already aggregated more than 3,000 hours of premium Indian video content across multiple genres. Consumers can stream and download hundreds of full-length feature […]

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14 Nov 2006

Prerna Gupta of Yaari.com Competing with Orkut

Will an Indian social networking site succeed against Orkut? In this episode, we have Prerna Gupta, founder and CEO of Yaari.com – a new social networking site that claims to be “created by Indian youth, for Indian youth”. (Yaari means friendship) At a time when the social networking space is getting increasingly crowded, we ask […]

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08 Nov 2006

Amit Ranjan SlideShare for Sharing Presentations on the Web

Why do Indian companies pay such scant respect for usability? We ask Amit Ranjan, who heads the Delhi office of Uzanto, a Silicon Valley startup. He heads the product development team that has built two of Uzanto’s products, SlideShare & MindCanvas. SlideShare is a Web 2.0 application for sharing PowerPoint Presentations on the web, while […]

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03 Nov 2006

Chris Messina on BarCamps and Open Source Evangelism

YouTube sold out for a whopping $1.65 billion to Google recently. And guess what the YouTube users got? Nothing. So, this has rubbed people like Chris Messina the wrong side. We talk to Chris about CrowdSourcing and he explains why big companies buying popular user-generated content websites may not be a great thing. Chris Messina, […]

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01 Nov 2006

Sridhar Vembu on Zoho’s Future Plans and Threat from Google

It’s not easy taking on the mighty Google. So, when you come across a man who has the guts to do that, you can’t help but admire the man’s spirit. Dr. Sridhar Vembu is the founder and CEO of AdventNet, the company behind the Zoho suite of services, a direct competition to Google’s hosted suite […]

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