┬áHi there ! Here you’ll find some of my writings that I’ve written over a period of 5 years. The quantity of articles will never do justice to the time since I started writing. I’ve never gotten into the habit of archiving and hence lost track of most of my writings which got publised in dead wood versions ( a.k.a Magazines and Newspapers ). The articles you find here are the ones I gleaned from the Net, thanks to Google

Here’s what I have salvaged. They are in no particular order. Hope you find something useful for yourself.


I had been writing to them mostly on Macromedia products for over an year until Pradeep Kar ‘s luck with Internet ran out and had to shut down this tech website.This was one of the victims along with Indya.com. Check some of them …

Macromedia and Allaire Merger means…….
What does the macromedia and Allaire merger mean to us?.

Dreamweaver 4 ? Heres an overview
Let’s take a quick convincing trip on why Dreamweaver 4 is one of the best bet for a web Editing tool ? What are the various new features present in the latest upgrade from Version 3.0 to Version 4.0?.

International Domain Name Extensions
A birds eye view of the county specific domains.


I had been authoring a column called “Net @ttidude” in CIOL, the tech portal from the publishers of Dataquest, PC Quest and Computer@Home magazines. I could only salvage two article from their archives . Guess they should have purged the older articles when they did their house cleaning.

The Postal stamp has taken a brand new, electronic avatar. The E-stamp could soon replace the conventional “lick and stick” stamps.

How does E-commerce work?
Understanding how E-commerce works is an important pre-requisite to building your own E-commerce enabled Web site .


This is a website that I had started with my friends where we share our passion for enhancing the user experience.

Proper website navigation : Why you absolutely need it ? (with due apologies to Jakob Nielsen )
I express my views … not necessarily in line with some gurus.

Usability Guidelines for Good Websites
Rehash of some good practices for web building.

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