In General

A friend of mine has imported chinese-made handsfree kits for mobile phones. As with most chinese products, these are going real cheap. If you are interested in having one for your mobile,lemme know. I’ll ask my friend to send you a sample kit. You may want to take a look at this kewl piece.

Would you ever buy an Ambassador Car for Rs.6 lakhs ? Even if it is a new “retro” version? ( pardon the oxymoron ) Never, right ! Especially if the car looks like a ‘cross-breeding-gone-terribly-wrong’ between an amby and a porsche. It’s a pity why the company top brass, never get the message. Ambys are fit only for being taxis and politicians’ car. Never a luxury car. No mater what you name it. Especially if you name it “Amabassador Classic Luxury“. Snicker Snicker.

Impress your friends with new emoticons the next time you chat with them in Yahoo! Messenger. Check out the secret hidden emoticon symbols.