I must say I’m impressed with UPS, yeah the courier company. I had always known that UPS and FedEx had a great tracking system on the web. This means that you can log on to the website, [...]

A friend of mine has imported chinese-made handsfree kits for mobile phones. As with most chinese products, these are going real cheap. If you are interested in having one for your mobile,lemme [...]

I’ve finally cajoled myself into using the Casioppeia PDA (yeah, that fancy handheld computer with the touch sensitive screen ). I bought this one during my New York trip in april last [...]

The nominees for the 2002 Bloggies Award has been announced. ( For the uninitiated, Bloggies are for Weblogs what Oscars are for movies and Grammies are for music. Dig ?) Go ahead, check out the [...]

My lecture today for the DSPs ( Deputy Superintendent of Police) at the TamilNadu Police Training College as part of the “Tackling Cyber Crimes” has been a hit. They liked it so much [...]