In General

Today is the first day of the Regatta Rowing Championship. We creamed Parrys team but the tougher draws are to follow. The result of two months of hard practice will be decided in the next four days. Its good to see teams putting their heads together discussing strategies for the races. But what takes the cake is the spirit of camaraderie amongst the competing teams. Inspite of cut-throat competition, participants always appreciate the other team’s efforts …..cheer other team’s victory, fetch water bottles for them, lend others thier dog collars. The spirit of the Merchants & Bankers Regatta is truly alive and kicking.

Yesterday, I accompanied Jean Jacques,CEO of JurisAsia to Pondicherry. Its interesting to see a frenchman’s opinion of my hometown. He was so thrilled to see streets named in french and cops wearing those long red french hats, apparently the same that cops in France wear. We drove down to Auroville…. no matter how many times I visit this place, it always catches my fancy. This is definitely the place i want to spend my retired life.

Bhupathi and Paes DID it. They won the TATA open ATP tournament. Looks like all my shouting and hollering helped them. Way to go. You guys will have to manage without me at Melbourne though !!