In General

I’ve managed to upload the videos of our rowing team’s interview and coverage in Star News and Raj TV. NDTV‘s mumbai office was kind enough to send us the CD with the coverage. The TV coverage includes my interview, view of Madras Boat Club, our thriller of a race where we ( Sify Rowing Team ) beat SSI and the infamous Adayar river ( a.k.a. Coovum ). Click the link below to download the videos..

The files are in .zip format. Don’t get frightened by the file size. It should download in less than 10 minutes. Should be worth the wait. There’s audio too, so make sure to plug in your headphone.

Star News Coverage : English Version : 3.72 MB .

Raj TV Coverage : Tamil Version : 1.61 MB

Scratching your head ? Here’s a lil’ primer. Step by step instruction to download the video. I’ve G-o-t-t-o make you see this one 😉

Step 1 : Click on one of the above links ( English or tamil )

Step 2 : Save the .zip file to your harddisk.

Step 3 : Unzip the file.

Step 4 : Double click on the unzipped file to view the video. Remember to switch on your speakers.