I’ve been getting this itch to read a novel lately. It’s been so long that I don’t even remember what novel I read last !! I dropped in at Landmark bookstore at Spencer Plaza [...]

OH Geez ! This tax thing is really sapping the daylight out of my wallet ! Now I get to pay more for pot holed roads,aluminium coffins, phoren trips by our political babus . Aaaarghh !!

Ain’t a great start to the day ! Especially if you realise your expensive Cassiopeia PDA which you bought from NYC is broken. Sigh ! That’s a $100 down the drain. Oh well, guess, [...]

I’ve moved to a new desk in my office……actually to the *other* end of the office !! Good set of people around ….it should be fun. Spent a few hours last night moving all [...]