In General

It’s Diwali time and here’s some of my observations..

1) Earlier, ‘Diwali’ had been a north indian term and ‘Deepavali’ a typical south indian term. But now, ‘Diwali’ has become to be accepted as a general term even here in Tamilnadu.

2) During my childhood days back in my village, Sooragamagalam, all the festival delicasies would be made at home. There were a few elderly ladies who’s expert services were sought after to make murukkus, adarsams, kechakkais, & Kambadais. Nowadays, in the city,even though all these items are available off the shelf, the spirit and the camaraderie of people getting together is missing.

3) Thankfully, the age old custom of having ‘oil head bath’ still continues. The only difference is that earlier, we were given Shikkakai to wash off the oil on our heads. Now it’s shampoo.

Do you notice any other differences ?