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The PopUnder Project

You probably may be surprised to see another site open when you log in to Wondered why? Good. Here’s the reason. I’m starting a small solo project called ‘The PopUnder Project’ to help bring other Indian blogs to your attention. Today, I’m starting off with Jayanth Gandhi’s blog which was launched a couple of days back. He is part of the team who gave us the wonderful BlogSnob Ad product. I consider this small publicity as a token of appreciation of his good efforts.

Every two days, I will be changing the site to a new one. To get a detailed idea about this project, visit the detailed FAQ page . Feel free to ask me new ones.

P.S : For some, instead of Popunder, the sites may PopUP. My due apologies. Like you, even I abhor popups. I’m code challenged and I’m trying my best to have this resolved. Help on this will be much appreciated. Especially if someone can let me know of a popunder script that uses cookies to open a window only once per day per computer.