In General

Walking into MGR’s home : It was a heavy lunch and I needed to shake off the sleepiness. So I took a break from office and took a stroll around the nearby bylanes. I was pleasantly surprised when I came across MGR’s house in an inconspicuous bylane, just two streets away from office. ( For the uninformed, MGR was a yesteryear’s film hero, a 3 time chief minister of Tamilnadu, and the founder of the ruling AIADMK party which currently has Jayalalitha as its head ). I don’t subscribe to his views or his party ideology but there is an aura about this man which catches your fancy.

His home has been converted into a memorial, open to public. I would’ve liked it had they kept his house just as it were when he lived there…. but sadly it is now a storehouse of all the sycophantic trophies and awards that he received. The only ones worth looking are his personal car, a 1969 blue ambassador and a superbly embalmed lion, his pet “Raja” which he raised in his house. ( wow! How many people have a lion as their pet !).