Hey Google, not all Indians here in India read Hindi. And even those who do, would not be searching your site in Hindi. So please do not throw up an Hindi version of your site when we type [...]

Overcoming Bloggers’ Block : I’ve seen many blogs gather cobwebs and when asked, people tell that they are stuck up for ideas to write. Surprisingly, its not the lack of time that is [...]

‘Use and Throw’ Email : After disposable razors, disposable contact lenses, we now have disposable email ids. A super solution to avoid spam to your regular email ids. Welcome [...]

Importing your Blogger weblog to Movable Type : An illustrated explanation. This might be useful for those who want to make the shift. Looks nice…but am gonna hang on till I check out TypePad.

TypePad is nearing its launch date. They’ll let us know their pricing, full feature list and info on the exact launch date by this weekend. Well, it’s about time.