In General

I hate it when actors turn politicians. I just hear that Arnold Szhwarzenegger is gunning for the governor’s seat in California and I’m like “Oh no, not there too“.

Living in Tamil Nadu which has so shamelessly elected actors to be chief ministers, I can see how inefficient these people can be. Its really appalling to think that there is no entry criteria for people in politics. I mean, if one want to be a lawyer, you need to pass the bar. If you want to be a doctor, you need to survive 5 years of medical educations and if you want to get into administration, you need to top the IAS exams. But none for the politicians…..which is such an atrociously grave mistake.

Would you choose a chef to conduct a surgery on you because he is skilled with knives? Would you choose a guy to be your lawyer because he reads John Grisham novels? Then how can you choose a person who spents his/her entire live greasing the face with make up and reciting lines from scripts to run a state or worse, a country? It’s a shame…. SUCH a shame !