Sleepathon : I barely opened my eyes this morning to check the time. It was 8’O clock.. Ah! That gives me the luxury of one more hour’s sleep and so I plonk back to blissful sleep. I [...]

I’m looking for a copy of Symantec’s ACT software to manage all my contact details ( addresses, phone numbers, email ids etc ). If you have a CD that I could pick up, that would be [...]

Job Opening : ISG NovaSoft, part of the $1000 million KK Birla group, is looking for Call Centre professionals to reach clients in US/UK/APAC. Basic knowledge of IT solutions and good spoken [...]

My next door neighbours are moving to another house and that’s a sad news for us. My daughter’s two best friends will no longer be around to play around with. The three of them are [...]

Tonight, I’m planning to go Birla Auditorium to catch a glimse of Mars. I don’t remember doing such a thing since my primary school days. So a bit of school boyish curiosity is [...]