In General

Arjun & Marsha : Its not often that I get phonecalls from people living abroad who come over to visit Chennai. So when I got a call from vijay Arjun Singh (an Indian but born and bred in Canada) , I was determined to help him and his wife. I felt inviting them home for lunch had a lot more warmth, rather than taking them to a restaurant. What I really liked about Arjun and Marsha is that they were more interested in meeting people and learning new cultures rather than going to tourist attractions. That was a welcome change in attitude. In a way, it matches mine as I enjoy meeting from differnt countries.

Arjun is also a volunteer Radio Jockey for a college Radio station and wanted to interview me on Blogs for his program. He had this rather cool Tablet PC which doubled up a a recording machine for the interview.

I thought I was tall …… until I stood next to Arjun for a group snap. Not only is he tall but also has a big build…. the type you wouldn’t want to mess around with 😉

It was a good four hours we spent with each other. It was a wonderful experience having them as guests. We feel glad for playing a part in making their visit to India enjoyable and memorable.