Parents’ Day : One of my daughter’s friend was telling us that her school is celebrating parents’ day. It was then it stuck me…. we celebrate Father’s day. And then [...]

Missed the Mixer : I like to meet new people and make friends. So, I was a bit dissapointed on missing out the Chennai Ryze Mixer that happened last week. The strange thing is that I was [...]

Rs.29 : That’s all the money I spent on Crackers this Diwali. No, its not because of child labour , or the soundless diwali campaign. It’s just that I was never fond of blowing up [...]

The original research paper that became the Google : Yes, here is the original research thesis by Sergey Brin and Larry Page which they did at Stanford University. When I found this, I almost [...]

Drinking Water v/s Cricket : Who should I choose? There’s a one day match in Chennai today evening. And I’m having a bit of a dilemma. Should I or shouldn’t I pray to the Rain [...]

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