In General

Things that you probably didn’t know about me.

Left handed drinker: I’m a right handed guy but hand me a coffee cup or beer mug and I always drink with my left hand. It’s got to do with the hygiene factor. I notice that in hotels, most people hold the cup’s handle with their right hand. So when I use my left hand, I sip from the lesser used part of the cup’s rim! See?!

No hot water baths: When I was 15, I took an arbitrary decision one morning not to take bath in hot water….and stuck to that decision till this day. You won’t see a water heater in my home. In Chennai, its not a big deal, but I stuck to it even during the coldest winters during my engineering days near Bangalore or visits to Delhi.

I prefer stairs to lift: I consciously avoid lifts. Not because of claustrophobia. I see it as a chance to stretch out the limbs. One of my earlier companies was on the 6th floor and as always, I take the stairs. I always tend to reach the floor earlier than the guys who took the lift.

Forward to reverse: When I step into a car for the first time in the day, I always move the car a few inches forward, say a quick prayer and then proceed. Even if I have to reverse the car, I first shift to first gear, move forward a few inches and then reverse the car. Sounds stupid eh? What the heck, I follow it anyways. It’s a habit I picked up from my Dad.