So, I’m supposed to be the 3rd Most Influential Blogger in India according to While it certainly feels good, I suspect this kind of ranking is going to start a small race. [...]

I’m deeply fascinated by old houses. Something about them that really captures my attention. It hurts me when I see these beautiful houses torn down to build those stale multi-storeyed [...]

Blogstreet’s India section is live. It’s a pioneering service for Indian blogs with lots of really interesting features like BlogRank, BlogProfile, Blog Directory, RSS Search Engine [...]

Things that you probably didn’t know about me. Left handed drinker: I’m a right handed guy but hand me a coffee cup or beer mug and I always drink with my left hand. It’s got to [...]

Photos from the Jazz Concert I finally made it to a jazz concert after missing out on two wonderful opprortunities earlier. Enjoyed Azul’s performance even though I took time to warm up to [...]