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Small Things can Really Mean Big !

Today was the last working day for a colleague of mine. I got invited to his farewell function at office. In his farewell speech, to my utter surprise, the first person he thanked was me. ME! I mean, it wasn’t his boss or even his boss’ boss. And I’m not even in his department !

He thanked me ‘coz I was indirectly involved in him getting a job.

Four years back, when I organized a Macromedia Seminar, I had announced an opening for a position in my company at the meeting. Ravi, who was one of the attendees, took the cue and got through the interview on his own merit. I really didn’t do much.

What I thought was just a really insignificant event turned out to be a big career boosting one for him. Ravi is now one of India’s best Flash Actionscript programmers. It’s amazin how small things can mean really big for others.