Small Things can Really Mean Big ! Today was the last working day for a colleague of mine. I got invited to his farewell function at office. In his farewell speech, to my utter surprise, the [...]

Wanna ride along? The RoyalEnfield guys are doing another biking trip in Chennai on June 10th. Would you be interested in joining in? Lemme know. We want to include a social cause with the ride. [...]

Interaction Program with Prof.Sreenath Sreenivasan Damn! This is one of those times I feel like kicking myself hard. I missed the interaction program with Sreenath. Sree is the head of Columbia [...]

World Blog Day ?? Nir Ofir wants to commemorate August 31st as World Blog Day. Why that date? Because he thinks the date 3108 kind of looks like the word ‘Blog’ if you write it a [...]

Financial Express Covers Blogging. Indranil Chakraborty writes about the impact bloggers have on the community. The article has a strong Sify focus. And yeah, I’m covered in it along with a [...]