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Stuck at Bangalore Airport

I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs feeling pissed. The Air Deccan flight is delayed by 3 hours. Three Fricking Hours!! I’m pissed because not a single Air Deccan staff had informed me about it. When the departure time had passed and I didn’t get to see any announcement, I approached one of them and that’s when she says about the 3 hour delay.

And I landed here an hour before the boarding time fearing the bangalore traffic. So, in total, that’s a 4 hour wait for a one hour flight. Geez! I had such good impression on these guys but this flight delay stuff is beginning to seriously erode into it.

Why the @%^# do they take my phone number and email address during registration for godssake. All it takes is a minute to send across a message about the delay.

Thank goodness for Airtel. They provide Wi-Fi and that’s truly useful. At a reasonable Rs.25 for half hour for a 512 kbps connection, that’s pretty good. Used the wait time to catch up on mails and catch up on a little work. My good impression on them is reaching newer heights. .