It’s Halloween Contrary to my belief, Halloween is not hugely popular in the US. I was under the belief that everyone would wear weird costumes on this day, be it in office,school or [...]

Ah! The Suburbs!I moved on to Montvale, a beautiful suburb in New Jersery. I definitely like the suburb more than the city. Maybe, it’s the greenery and the slightly less paced lifestyle. I [...]

The Customary Times Square Pics How can you not take a few snaps of the place? Especially when you stay just a few buildings away from the place. After taking the snaps, I realise that almost all [...]

Dinner with Blogger Friends A lot of times, especially when I take up seminars and classes on personal publishing at colleges, students ask me, what’s the practical use of blogging. And I [...]

IIM’s CulFest I’ve always been a big fan of college cultural fests. Back in my college days, I was part of the organising team. So, when IIM Indore approached me to the judge of the [...]