In General

Reached NYC

After a 23 hour journey and two flight delays, finally laned at NYC. Surprisingly not feeling tired. Actually feeling very peppy. I think it must be the 6 degree chill.

What jetlag? 🙂

I’m put up at Sheraton New York on 7th & 52nd. I can be reached at 212 581 1000. Ask for room 1208. If you are around the area, I’d definitley like to meet up. I should be out mostly. If so, please leave a message. I will be here till Wednesday before I head off to New Jersey. Yeah, email is a good option too.

Tomorrow, I look forward to meeting up with real nice folks.

I’m jotting down my experiences as a travelogue. Been meaning to do one for a long time and figured this is a good opportunity. Will put them up, though it may be a litttle longwinded. Feel free to give it a slip if travelogues aren’ your type.