In General

New Job. New Goals. New Challenges.

I’ve taken up a new assignment as Associate Director at Sulekha heading the Interactive Services division. It’s a challenging position with a lot of scope to hone my leadership skills. I will be handling blogs, groups, Networks amongst others, an area that I’ve been passionate about.

I moved from Sify, a company that I love from my heart. It has an awesome work culture and love the freedom it provides. But there comes a time where you seek higher challenges (also higher salary, though that’s not all) and you unwillingly have to let go of a place you love.

I’m moving into Sulekha, when its on its highest upswing in its six years of operation. It has grown from 18 employees to 200 in the last year and half alone. It’s clocked a 150% growth year-on-year for the last 4 years. While that’s good, there are also many things that can be improved and I’m hoping I can make a difference.