Tamilnadu FloodsHere are some photos that Kartik Kannan had collated. Here is a picture that I could reate to. The above photo is from the Saidapet Bridge which most of us cross so very often. [...]

Nice Meet. Nicer Meeting People. The sky was overast but the rain thankfully played truant. Amethyst has become even more beautiful. They had extended the cafe to the open garden area but done a [...]

Bloggers Meet Today : Rain or Shine, the Show Will Go On The Bloggers Meet will take place today at The Amethyst at 5:00 p.m today. Click here for directions. The meet has been organized at the [...]

Speaking at STC Annual Conference STC Annual Conference is the biggest and most prestigious event for the technical communication industry. And being selected to talk in the event is a matter of [...]

New Job. New Goals. New Challenges. I’ve taken up a new assignment as Associate Director at Sulekha heading the Interactive Services division. It’s a challenging position with a lot [...]