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Best to-do apps turn out be very useful

My Tech Column this fortnight in Deccan Chronicle focuses on my review of a very good productivity app. I reviewed multiple To-Do apps and finally homed in on the ‘Any.Do’ app which I totally fell in love with. In the last week, I have seen a marked improvement in how I get things done. Highly recommended.

Audio Podcast Essentials

I wrote this fortnight’s tech column with a tinge of guilt. The last audio podcast I did was 6 years ago coz I started to focus more on video. Am beginning to realize that audio podcasting is not only cheaper and easier to produce, it is consumed better than video. My audio podcasts are here at http://Kiruba.fm/ and video podcasts are here at http://Kiruba.TV/. Time to refocus on audio podcasting.

iPhone 5S Vs Nexus 5

I wrote this column in Deccan Chronicle not as a reviewer but as a customer. I’m in the market to buy a new smartphone and as any serious buyer would do, researched hard. I narrowed it down to an iPhone5S and a Nexus 5. This column actually helped me decide which phone to buy.

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