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Practicing for Mumbai Marathon : I realised I better start training when I went to the garment shop to buy dresses for Pongal. My pant size is usually 32 but now I’ve gotto go for 34. Uh ho! Not good. Time to start donning the running shoes.

I’m setting my eyes on Mumbai Marathon on Feb 15th. Nope, I won’t be going to Mumbai but would be doing the run here in Chennai itself. I’m starting practice from today.

Blogging via SMS : Yup, there’s a way to update your blog via your mobile phone. Suman has stumbled upon a set of easy steps to sms your blog. But hold your horses, it’s not for free blogger users yet.

Foggy Bhogi : I wake up early today to find an unusually foggy morning, so much so that I couldn’t see the buildings just a few streets away. And then it struck me that it’s Bhogi time and its not actually fog but smog, thanks to all the smoke from burning old things. I dread to think what it must’ve been like in North India which is experiencing the worst fog in recent times.

As I was inching my car through the bumber to bumber traffic on Arcot road, I looked out at a speed signal board which made me smile. The board said ‘Speed Limit 40Kms’. Below that, a frustrated guy with a nice sense of humour had engraved the words, ‘How I wish’ !! :)

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