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I had a fascinating experience. I park my bike on the roadside and move on to meet someone for an hour. I come back only to find the key missing. I grope deep into the pockets, check my bag, look around, even run back to the place where I had sat down but with no luck. I resign to my fate, take an autorickshaw and head back home.

By this time, it had gotten pretty late in the night and I have this small element of doubt inside me. What if someone had picked up the key and rode away with my bike. Anyways, I shirk the thought, pick up the spare key and ask my Dad to drive me to the spot.

When I landed at the spot, a middle aged watchman came over to me, showed me a key and asked if this was the key I had lost. He had actually pushed the bike to a safer location and stayed guard. My heart sunk with gratitude. I thanked him and gave him money. And that’s when I felt bad. I realised that I had trivialized his honest action. You can’t match honesty with money. I really want to go meet the watchman this weekend, take him out for lunch and make him know that he is a special person.

One Thousand Five Hundred and Thirty Seven: That’s the amount of posts that I’ve made into this blog. Hmmm…decent.

Testing the Mail-to-Blogger feature

Testing the Posting-via-email feature in the new Blogger : I had been wanting this feature for a long time and finally its here. I somehow feel so much easier to jot down ideas into an email rather than open up the blogger template to post. My feeling is that the average number of postings shold take an upturn.

Oh, one more thing. I hope the spambots don’t get hold of this blogger email. *THAT* would be awful.

Currently Reading: Chasing Rainbows in Chennai: The Madras Diaries – Traveller Tales from India . It’s a nice little book that I’m taking along with me for the trek. Would come in handy during the breaks. I’ve off late gotten pretty interested in reading more about Chennai.

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