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I attended two wedding receptions this week. Both the receptions had musicians involved. One reception had a very accomplished classical music group and the other had a light music troupe. Both the groups played their hearts out but sadly the majority of the invitees hardly gave a damn. It’s a shame that nobody appreciates talent. I consider it a disgrace to musicians. Sometimes I wonder why can’t the marriage organisers just play songs from a music player… I mean, what’s the difference.

Rediff has probably gotten itself one of the worst looking homepage redesign ever. Passe tabs and ugly looking tables for sponsored links sections. In their zest to get everthing in the first screen, they have cramped in too many things on the homepage.

Better than an alarm clock : If I wanted to get up early morning, there’s one other thing I trust more than my alarm clock. It’s the lady who delivers us milk everyday. She maybe close to 70, yet she comes in every morning at 4:30 to drop the milk packets.

We attach a plastic bag to the door handle and she drops the packets in there. If the bag isn’t there, then she keeps on ringing the bell until one of us wakes up to collect the milk packets. So when we want to wake up early, all we do is remove the plastic bag !!

I lost the corporate marathon race and I definitely deserved to lose. I hadn’t even put in half of the rigorous training I did last year. The win last year had gotten into my head and was a trifle over-confident. There were nearly ten times more participation this time and I could see truly well prepared athletes in the fray. No match for a half-baked guy like me.

I also realised the importance of training as a team. Last time I joined the amazing Chennai Runners Club. This time I trained alone and lost out on all the advantages of team training.

It’s a good thing I lost. I feel I’ve been freed from this burden of expectation. This year, I’m gonna start my training early and most importantly enjoy my running.

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