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Job Opening #1 : Are you interested in going to the UK for a 3 months project? A chennai based company with operations in the UK is looking for a co-ordinator who will do a systems study in UK and then return back to India to co-ordinate with offshore development team. A friend of mine who works here has asked me to spread the word around. There is someone I know who is well suited for the job. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to show your willingness.

Job Opening #2 : Need a Technical writer with minimum 2 years experience for Brooks Automation, a Massachusetts (US) based company. The company recently opened up its India development centre in Chennai. Experience in FrameMaker a must. Knowledge in FrameScript, ClearCase, RoboHelp is an added advantage. If you or anyone you know is intersted, lets talk.

Recording for Doordarshan : Students at Anna University are directing a series of programs for Doordarshan and they have roped me in for a program on personality development. Shooting for the program starts tomorrow morning. The program is in Tamil and will appear in Doordarshan Podhigai channel.

Dog Show : The canine club is organising a Dog show (at Univeristy ground on spurtank road). I’ve never attended a dog show before and I’m as excited as my lil’ daughter to attend it. I’d love to have a puppy at home but there are other things to consider.

Living in an apartment means there’s bound to be disturbed neighbours. Heck, I don’t even know if the apartment rules allow dogs. Need to check on that. It’ll also mean additional responsibilities for my Mom while we are away at work. What’s been your experience, guys?

Currently reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T.Kiyosaki. The book came highly recommened and I decided to give it a go. I will be sharing my learnings from this book in this month’s meeting of the ‘Business Book Reader’s Club’. If you are in Chennai and wanna be part of the meeting, send me a mail and I’ll keep you posted.

POGO – The new kids channel and we love it. I’m happy for my daughter. Ever since the stupd CAS system has been implemented, we no longer get Cartoon Network. Now Pogo comes in as a nice replacement. Don’t miss the ‘Just for laughs – Gags’ program at 7:30 p.m india time. Very cool.

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