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I wish Paypal had Debit cards which we can use just like how we use debit cards from most banks. It would be so much easier to access and use the money. Sure, they have the credit cards but I don’t think those would be applicable in India. I’m still surprised how Paypal is turning a blind eye to India which a tremendous market potential.

The traffic cops held everyone at the traffic light for over one hour because Jayalalitha was passing by for her election campaign. Everyone were pissed and they showed their displeasure by noisy honking and swearing. I heard that the traffic holdup wasn’t just at one signal but the entire stretch for over 10 kms.It beats me how even the most basic commonsense doesn’t prevail. How can you piss so many people when actually you are trying to woo them. Beats me.

I’ve started a children’s club in my apartment. I’ve bought Monopoly, Chess, Ludo, Snake & Ladder, Scrabble, Memory Magic, Mechanix this week and I’m throwing open my home for kids to come and play. There are a bunch of kids in my apartment and with the summer vacations started, I couldn’t think of a better time to start the club. It’s been a good success and am happy for my daughter ‘coz she never runs out of playmates 🙂

I loved the superb article on Outsourcing at Wired and that’s when I conciously started following Dan Pink‘s writings.

Dan was the chief speechwriter to Vice President Al Gore and has written many business bestsellers, the latest being Free Agent Nation.

I got a chance to start a conversation with him and even offered to assist him with his personal website. I find it intellectually invigorating interacting with people like Dan.

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