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Back in my college days , New Year meant quite a bit of time spent at Archies for buying cards. Ever since the Internet came, I hadn’t sent a single dead wood card. It’s mostly been e-greetings. But I soon realised that an e-card is impersonal and no match for a personalised email. This new year, I’ve made a concious decision to send as many personalised new year wishes as possible. It takes more time, but its certainly worth it.

366 Days – 366 Contacts : One of my many new year resolutions is to re-establish links with people I had lost touch : school mates, college mates, ex-colleagues, old flames, relatives. I’m targetting atleast one person a day. I’ve always believed in networking and contacts and this is just a small way to re-establish that belief.

XOOM.com if offering a free money transfer from abroad to India till Jan 6th. Forget Western Union for the present until Jan 6th :)

Looks like the Blogger guys at Google moved to their futuristic looking new office. But I like the homeliness of their old office. Especially love the comfy sofa and the festive christmas lights.

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