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I’ve been invited to Rotary Club to deliver a lecture on ‘Business Blogging’. It’s a breakfast meet and the list of attendees is pretty star studded…. CEOs, GMs, Business heads. Should be fun.

Sulekha.com is sponsoring a Blog competition at Saarang, IIT Madras’ cul fest. While its a unique and bold promotional step they have taken, they have made fundamental mistakes in framing the rules. Here’s why…

a) The rule states that each blogger should write minimum 400 words to qualify. Blogs are about short and crisp postings, not lenghty ramblings.

b) They have given three pre-defined topics to write on. ( Worst movie, sibling stories, blind dates). Hey, this sounds like a school essay competition. They should’ve given the freedom for people to write what they like.

Nevertheless, Sulekha is sincerely attepmpting to rope in youngsters to their blog system. Go give it a spin. Who knows, you might be the lucky one to pocket Rs.2000. ( it’s wrongly published as Rs.200 in its site.. but you have my word )

One of the surest signs that the IT job market and the economy in general is picking up when five of us meet up in a bar for a drink and each one is looking for candidates to fill openings in his company.

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