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Kiruba Shankar

It’s raining marriages : I’ve got three marriages to attend over the weekend and its gonna be hectic. I’m off to Pondicherry and looking forward to meeting all family folks.

Damn Traffic Jam !!

This is a picture that I took on my way to office today morning. In addition to the fact that you are already pissed at being late for office, its the exhaust fumes and the hot sun that gets to your nerve. Notice the picture carefully. People are supposed to keep their left but they keep overtaking each other and end up at the extreme right side of the road. How the hell are people supposed to come from the opposite direction?! A deadlock happens. Forget getting late, the grime, the exhaust fumes and the hot sun… I think its the stupidity of the people that actually gets to my nerve.

If you have Yahoo.co.in email account and haven’t been updated to 100 MB yet, here’s the way to beat it. Follow these steps….

1) Sign in

2) Click Mail Option.

3) In the Account Information, again sign in.

4) Click on ‘Edit’ against the Member Information

5) Click on the ‘Language & Content’ in ‘General Preferences’.

6) Select Language as English US or UK.

7) Click Accept in the terms.

8) Save the settings and check your account size.

It will be 100MB. Wanna thank me? Just hug someone closeby.