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Kiruba Shankar

TwitterCamp on June 21 at Chennai

Pic: tenz1225

Block the date, fellas. June 21st, Sunday. TwitterCamp cometh.

TwitterCamp is a one day unconference where discussions revolve around the concept of Micro-blogging and its various uses. It’s an open event. Pretty soon, a wiki will be set up where you can register your name and the topic you would like to speak on.

We have started the hunt for a venue that can hold 150 people. As of now, we have had a very enthusiastic response from US Technologies to help offer their office space as venue.

Calling good designers to help design a logo for TwitterCamp. Please let your imagination fly.

The event is the brainchild of The Knowledge Foundation, the non-profit group that has brought up BarCamp, Proto.in, WikiCamp, MobileMondays etc.

TwitterCamp is a true unconfernce, meaning that anyone can participate and help out in organizing. If you would like to offer a helping hand, please send an email to ganesh @ rupya.com.

Looking for TEDIndia Fellows

We all know that TED is coming to Mysore, India later this year. As part of the event, TED is looking to select 100 TED Fellows.

TED Fellows are remarkable thinkers and doers who have shown unusual accomplishment, exceptional courage, moral imagination and the potential to increase positive change in their respective fields. They can be innovators in technology, entertainment, design, science, film, art, music, entrepreneurship or the NGO community, among other pursuits.

The application to apply for a TEDIndia Fellow opened on April 20th and runs till June 15th.

The TEDIndia Fellows program will have international representation with a distinctly South Asian majority, with approximately 75% of the Fellows representing the South Asian region, and 25% representing other regions of the world. South Asia is defined as including the countries of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, Myanmar, the Maldives, and Sri Lanka.

For more information about how individuals may apply for a TEDIndia Fellowship, please visit
. TED Fellows may apply or be nominated by another individual.

If you know a great person who fits the bill, please do highlight them. You can either directly nominate them or mention them in the comments below. Lets aim at bringing the hidden gems out in the limelight. Great achievers deserve the spotlight.

Anil Kumble at a Tech Conference!

When I first looked at the schedule of the 3 day SAP Summit, one session clearly stood out for its uniqueness. It was a keynote speech on the 2nd day by Anil Kumble and my first thought was, “What is he doing with SAP?” I know other cricketers like Sachin and Sreesanth have diversified into restaurant business and figured maybe Anil Kumble was getting into Enterprise IT consulting. Even if he did, I probably wouldn’t be surprised because I read somewhere that his brother is already into some sort of IT business.

I thought wrong. He was there to speak on the topic of “Winning in a Competitive Scenario”. At the conference hall ways, there were plenty of jabs at the choice of his title, given his team’s dismal scenario at the IPL. One guy said, a better topic would have been, “How to Tide Over Difficult Times”.

But Anil silenced everyone with his talk. He spoke about team spirit and a captain motivates a team. He did touch upon and how they should be used to fire up your competitive spirit. He spoke about how the Indian team gives an alternative “Man of the match” decided by the players. I’m trying to get the video of Anil’s talk and will have it uploaded soon.

When Anil finished his talk, he had a standing ovation. The crowd was clearly bowled over.

Job Clinic on Online Marketing at Delhi

An exclusive event focusing on Online Marketing as a career option is being planned at Delhi on Jan 12th. It’s a sort of Job Clinic that aims to connect prospective candidates along with online marketing companies.

I met up with Vivek Bhargava, CEO of Communicate2, at the Web Innovation event at Bangalore and he says that getting good, qualified talent is a major challenge. It’s the same point that many other CEOs, whom I met up during SerchCamp, echoed as well.

This event is the brainchild of Pradeep Chopra, cofounder of OMlogic, an online marketing consulting company. He has helped setup OMcareers, a non-profit community initiative to get interested candidates and companies together.

Interested? Add your name here in the participant’s list. If you want to collaborate or join hands with the event, get in touch with Pradeep Chopra at 9810762902 or email him at pradeep.chopra[@]omlogic.com.

Speaking at Infovision and Web Innovation Summit

On Dec 17th, I’ll be in Mumbai speaking at Infovision: The Knowledge Summit. It’s probably the most prestigious event focusing on Knowledge Management featuring such stalwarts as F.C.Kohli, father of Indian Software Industry, Prabhakar Ragahavan, Head of Yahoo! R&D, Dr.Pandu Nayak of Google.

I’m on the panel discussing ‘Web 2.0 & Mashups’ and my fellow panelists include Arun Ramanujapuram (Director of Advanced Technology Group, Yahoo! Bangalore), Ashok Krish (TCS Innovation Labs), Rohit Agarwal (Founder & CEO, TechTribe Networks) and Jayanta Chatterjee (Professor, IME Department, IIT Kanpur). Coincidentally, Rohit of Techtribe and I were in the same panel at the Knowledge Summit in Delhi last month and we are speaking at the Web Innovation summit on Dec 18th.

I wish the organizers of this event had taken a little more care while putting my profile up on their website. Not only do I have a new title, I’m also working in a new company!!

The very next day, I head out to Bangalore to speak at the Web Innovation Summit. It’s quite a major event focusing on latest web technologies and close to a 1000 members are expected to attend. The event is put together by TFCI (Trade Fairs Conferences International) headed by Bal Tarkad, its CEO.

I’ve put together events and know a thing or two about event management. I’ve been involved in the backstage of the preparations and should say that Bal is the most creative and aggresive guy I’ve seen to push the event to greater heights. Lots to learn from him.