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A Disused Tractor Gets a New Life at the Farm.


Gifts from Osaka, Japan


Multiplying the Life of a Murdered Tree

A young, healthy flowering tree was mercilessly killed near our home. I always admired it for its flowers and never figured why would anyone get rid of it. Anyways, I collected all the chopped branches, removed the drying leaves and loaded them in my car. Am taking them to our farm to plant them. These branches quickly sprout when planted. A good way to seek revenge is to get 10 lives one of one murdered tree.

The healthy tree. Every morning, while walking my dog, I always admired this guy. Beautiful leaves, lovely shade of green and lovely flowers. — in Virugambakkam.

The chopped parts of the tree. — in Virugambakkam.

I collected all the branches and stripped out the drying leaves. — in Virugambakkam.

I loaded them in the trunk of my car and this will soon be given fresh lease of life at our farm. — in Virugambakkam.

Newly hatched birds at our Farm

Three years ago, we planted saplings on a barren land. These trees start to bear beautiful things other than just fruits. A beautiful nest with newly hatched birds.

These nestlings may be just a few days old but they are already clever. They were shouting for their mom and when they heard our footsteps, they went silent and became motionless. Amazing natural instincts at play.

We were surprised to find a nest built so low. We knew not to touch the nestlings or the nest. I have heard of parent birds being sensitive to human smell and we were cautious.

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