In General

WE DID IT. Sify Rowing Team won the overall championship in the 2002 Merchant’s & Bankers Monsoon Regatta. We won four of the five finals we got into. Terrific. The finals against SSI worldwide in the ‘challenger fours’ was the most anticiptated of the lot and the race did live upto its reputation. We came back from behind to beat them by half a canvas. The Sify contigent (a huge one indeed) went beserk with jubilation. We won so many tropies that they filled an entire Tata Sumo. In keeping with the century old tradition, the cox (Nik) and our coach (Karthik) were thrown into the Coovum. The post-regatta party was a swinger. Two days after the party, I still have a stiff neck with all the head-banging and dancing.