In General

I’ve finally cajoled myself into using the Casioppeia PDA (yeah, that fancy handheld computer with the touch sensitive screen ). I bought this one during my New York trip in april last year. I’m kinda sick with myself for being disorganised…. I’d scribble phone numbers & important messages on post-its and promptly lose them. Now, this gadget, hopefully, should set me right.

When was the last time you ever clicked on a banner ad. Be honest. Mmm..I can see you think hard. I just broke thru the blind-spot and finally noticed an ad which was interesteing enough to make me click. The banner ad was from and sure enough it was interesting. You can access files in your PC from anywhere in the world. There’s even a full version 30 day trial. Kewl or what! Check it out.

This week, I’ll be driving myself crazy. I’ve resolved to cut down ln my TV viewing drastically and spend extra time learning new technologies and catch up on reading. It’s an experiment for a week. I know it won’t be easy, especially after averaging almost four hours with the idiot box daily. Man, that’s a lot of time. There are times I remember coming home from office and immediately reaching for the remote, even before removing my shoes. I realised I reached the addiction level and its time to get into self-induced rehab. Wish me luck guys.